The Bicol University is the premier state university in Bicol Region. One of its leading colleges is the Bicol University College of Business, Economics and Management located at Daraga, Albay.

This is the College where I belong and I am very proud to be a CBEMian. As what they say its a College of Beauty, Energy and Mind. It produces a globally competitive students throughout the world.


Hello guys!

Let me tell you something…

This is Jewelrich Jamaica R. Red. You can call me “jewel” if you want to. I am 18 years of age, a 3rd year student taking up Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Marketing Management at the Bicol University.

I am a friendly person and I love collecting different kinds of stuffs, exploring new places, hanging with friends, playing badminton and reading books were some of my interest.

I am a happy person…I see things perfectly. Though sometimes I may not be a better person to please everyone but I will never be a worst one that anyone would hate.

A happy and God centered family, true friends and a loving special someone makes my life complete. I love these people like the way they do, how blessed I am and so much to be thanks because God Gave me them.

I’m just a simple girl who love simple things., magazines, collecting different stuffs, exploring new places.Hanging with friends, playing badminton, reading books new place are just some I am interested with.